Creation of a neighbourhood newspaper about a famous square in Berlin-Kreuzberg called 'Kottbusser Tor'. Unfortunately, 'Kotti' is mostly known for its number of crimes and the drug addicts. The neighbourhood is torn apart between a bad reputation and a heavy gentrification process happening since a few years. In order to question these stereotypes and the myths, we made a big research, doing interviews with neighbours, Berliners and tourists. The magazine is only a small summary of those discussions. But it mostly was a good opportunity to raise questions and open the debate on city politics and the future of this neighbourhood and the city of Berlin.​​​​​​​
For: 3 months course at HTW in collaboration with: Ari Stöppler, Anna Karmann, Chiara Hoffmann, Elena Rankova, Franziska Bartsch, Hanna Günther, Judith Sachs, Leonard Schill, Mara Wiedenhöft, Melanie Lueft, Ulrike Ulbricht 

In collaboration with: Sandy Kaltenborn from & Pierre Maïté from
Photos: Pierre Maïté
Year: February 2017

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